Building Women’s Equity in Apprenticeship and Employment: An Institute for Practitioners and Employers

WANTO WBN Presentation Women Build Nations will host the pre-conference Practitioner Institute Friday, October 13th 2017. This professional development event is for industry stakeholders, including registered apprenticeship sponsors, pre-apprenticeship training providers, workforce development professionals, and employers to learn effective strategies, resources and best practice models for building women’s participation and increasing their retention in the construction industry.

View the 2017 Practitioners’ Institute Program 

WANTO Presentation – Oregon Trdeswomen

WANTO Presentation – Nontraditional Employment for Women

Chicago Department of Procurement Services Presentation

Department of Labor Presentation

Childcare Presentation – Women in Construction

Breaking-Down-Bias A Toolkit for Diversity for Construction Employers

Recruitment and Retention Spreadsheet

Best Practices

Women’s Committees: A Key to Recruiting and Retaining Women Apprentices

Massachusetts’ Supply and Demand Strategy: A Successful Model for Building Gender Diversity in the Trades

Building Equity: Addressing the Impacts of Violence on Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Programs

Forging Gender Equity in the Sheet Metal Workers Local #28

Bridging the Gender Gap: Creating a National Pre-Apprenticeship Program to Prepare Women

for the Iron Working IndustryWire a Light: A Workshop Designed to Increase Apprentice Diversity

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