class3CWIT was founded on the principal of sisters helping sisters and we want all of our graduates and tradeswomen in our community to consider themselves members of the organization, taking advantage of the services and connections provided as well as lending your talents to other tradeswomen, aspiring tradeswomen, and our mission.

Services and Activities
Job Counseling/Job Placement Assistance  – CWIT can help you develop a career plan, solve         issues at work, access support service resources, study for an apprenticeship exam, build your resume, prepare for an interview, identify apprenticeship program and job leads, and complete on-line applications.

Career Development and Networking Events – CWIT works to provide tradeswomen with  opportunities to build their technical and leadership skills as well as build connections with one  another.   Visit our calendar to check out upcoming activities.

Volunteer Opportunities
CWIT depends on volunteers to operate our programs.  You can mentor an aspiring tradeswoman, serve as a volunteer trainer for TOP, staff an information booth at orientation, distribute flyers in your neighborhood, host a workshop or plan an event, among other things.   Please visit our calendar for upcoming events and contact Pamyla Berryhill at 312/942-1444 ext. 109 or if you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities.

Your voice matters!  visit our Take Action page or Facebook Page to find information on how you can contribute to changing the face of local, state, and federal policies that impact opportunity, access and equity for  tradeswomen.

Support CWIT with a Financial Contribution
While we understand that not everyone can make a financial contribution to CWIT’s work, we encourage tradeswomen who are able, to consider making a donation to support women in nontraditional occupations.