CWIT continues to be led by tradeswomen, who comprise the majority of members on our Board of Directors.   As former program participants, tradeswomen, industry representatives, and professionals,  we benefit from their vision, experience, talents and passionate commitment to women’s equity in the nontraditional workplace.

Chair:  Liliana Calderon, Bricklayer, Local 21                                                                                               J & E Duff, Inc.

Secretary:  Lolita Hughes, Plumber, Local 130                                                                                          City of Chicago

Japlan Allen, Iron Worker, Local 1

Pamyla Berryhill, Community and Citizenship Director                                                                           Turner Construction Co.

Vanessa Casillas, Bricklayer, Local 56

Latisa Kindred, Electrician, Local 134                                                                                                         Electrical Shop Instructor, Simeon Career Academy

Maurice King, Vice-President, IBEW Local 134                                                                                           Assistant Director, IBEW -NECA Technical Institute

Sarah Joy Liles, Pipefitter, LU 597

Sarah Stigler, Plumber, Local 130                                                                                                University  of Illinois at Chicago

Jocelyn Woodards, Popular Education Community Engagement Coordinator                                   AFL-CIO